AAD Connect Manual Sync

In this blog post we will be covering AAD Connect Manual Sync. Have you ever been in the position where a request has come in to urgently update an account name or to correct an error only to fall into the pitfall of having to wait for the next AAD Connect sync cycle which has just passed, prior to your changing meaning you have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the amendment to sync from your onsite AD to AAD. The good news is your not alone and if you find yourself in the predicament carry on reading. In this article we cover the steps on how to force AAD Connect manual sync out side of the current Delta sync cycle defined to save waiting until the next AAD Connect Delta sync cycle.

How to complete the sync?

Log on to the AAD Connect Server

Open PowerShell (Run as administrator) as enter the below command

Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType -Delta
AAD Connect Manual Sync: If successful the output should display as above.

The above process should take around 2 minutes per AD domain connected to sync to AAD although this time period has numerous dependency’s mainly based around a healthy network topology and number of objects syncing on the delta sync. After this time the value should be updated in AAD as required, if the value doesn’t update as expected then troubleshooting steps should be undertaken by reviewing the Synchronization Service application. We will have more details on this on another blog shortly.

Additional Details

If you want to find more details please visit the attached tech net article from Microsoft for more details.

If you want to find more details out on how to check or amend the default AAD Connect Sync Cycle please check out my other blog post AAD Connect Force Manual Sync

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