Add New Domain to Office 365

Required to add a new domain into office 365? Ever wondered how to do this? If so then you are not alone. The following post should help assist you in completing this task. This is particular helpful if you have recently purchased office 365 or and additional domain recently. The official Microsoft guide can be found on the following page. But as usual it lacks any real substance if you have never done this prior.

Add New Domain Office 365
Office 365

Purchased your domain. What’s Next

Firstly, this is not as complicated as it may be made out in other posts and on the Microsoft guide listed above. Secondly as with all things they are multiple ways to do this some DNS registrars allow this direct into 365. However, you most likely wouldn’t be here if this was the case as you would have already completed the task at hand. The steps below when followed will allow any domain to be connected to M365 / Office 365 regardless of registrar and native support.

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Additional Details

If you want to find more details please visit the attached tech net article from Microsoft for more details.

If you want to find more blogs that may help in terms of Exchange in Office 365 / M365 please check out my other blog post for Exchange

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