Domain Removal from AAD Connect

Ever needed to perform a Domain Removal from AAD Connect if so this blog post should assist with the task at hand. This is typically needed if transitioning from an old domain or removing a domain due to an acquisition migration etc. AAD Connect previously did not support this task. As a result, this has become routine over the past couple of years.

How to complete: Domain Removal from AAD Connect

Firstly Log into your AAD Connect server. However, if you have a staging server please attempt to perform the task here fist. Secondly once you are on the server open PowerShell as Admin.

In PowerShell, Disable Sync Connector is the next step.

#Disable Sync Connector
Set-ADSyncScheduler -SyncCycleEnabled $false

Next Open AAD Synchronization Service → Connectors → Select Domain → Delete


Domain Removal from AAD Connect

Secondly, choose the option applicable to your task at hand.

The option Delete connector space only removes all data, but keep the configuration.

The option Delete Connector and connector space removes the data, the configuration and all the sync rules associated with the connector. This option is used when you do not want to connect to a forest anymore.

Both options sync all objects and update the metaverse objects. This action is a long running operation.


Next select Delete Connector and Connector Space to remove everything. If your in doubt over which option you want carry on reading

Delete  Connector and Connector Space

Regardless of which delete option is selected, it will take a moment to delete any configuration of the domain. This time depends on how many items are in this connector.

It is also necessary to enable AAD Sync Schedule again.

#Enable Sync Connector and force a sync
Set-ADSyncScheduler -SyncCycleEnabled $true

Additional Details: AAD Connect

If you want to find more details please visit the attached tech net article from Microsoft for more details.

Also, if you want to find more details out on how AAD Connect please check out my other blog posts. Furthermore being from a consultant in this area. Shortly, I am hoping to have numerous blog posts on the AAD Connect subject and Transformation rules.

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