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Required to Create a Resource Mailbox in Hybrid Exchange? Ever wondered how to do this rather than create it onsite and then have the lengthy process of migrating it to the cloud. If so then you are not alone. The following post should help assist you in completing this task. This is particular helpful if you have recently carried out a migration to Exchange Online or are part of the way through the process at present. The official Microsoft PowerShell commands can be found on the following page. However, as normal their is little to no context behind this for the standard IT Administrator.

Resource Mailbox

Creation of Resource Mailbox

First you need to connect to PowerShell and authenticate. If your not familiar with this process then we recommend reading the following blog post to assist first. Once you have opened PowerShell and successfully connected to Exchange Online. You can amend the below PowerShell command to suit your requirements for the mailbox you are provisioning.

New-Remotemailbox -Room -Alias "Meeting.Room01" -Name "Meeting.Room01" -FirstName "Meeting" -LastName "Room01" -OnPremisesOrganizationalUnit "OU=Resource Mailboxes,DC=TheTechEvolution,DC=com" -SamAccountName "Finance.Team" -UserPrincipalName ""

The above command will then create the resource mailbox called Meeting.Room01 in Exchange Online. Whilst leaving a disabled User account in your on premises AD similar to the legacy shared mailbox creation. Please note you can force a sync to Office 365 via the following blog post to save waiting up to 30 minutes for this to provision in M365.

Seeing an issue where the mailbox is not showing in Exchange Online. Move the account to an OU in scope of Microsoft 365. If this is not the case the mailbox will provision in

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