Office 365 Group Licensing

I have recently set up Office 365 Group Licensing for several clients to save administration time. This is a feature that can be implemented within a few minutes. It also is great if you only deploy specific parts of the license to save scrolling and clicking each part of the license required. However, their is a prerequisite of having to have Azure P1 license for this.

Office 365 Group Licensing

How To: Implement Office 365 Group Licensing

Firstly, we need to create a security group. This can either be a cloud Security Group such as a dynamic group or an onsite group which you add the users into when creating them.

Office 365 Group Licensing

Once completed go to Azure AD → Licensing → All Products → Click the license you want to assign in my case its the Microsoft 365 E5 → Licensed Groups → Assign

Office 365 Group Licensing

Secondly, we need to add the group created in previous step as below by clicking on the + Add Users and Groups hyperlink and then click Next: Assignment Options >


On the next screen you can select which features you want to leave on or turn off. Once completed click Next: Review + assign >. Finally click Assign

Microsoft Splashpage
Review Changes

Finally, once completed you can see the above shows the group with Changes Pending, depending how many users you have in the group depends on the time to complete usually a couple of minutes. Any users with direct licensing can be unassigned the licensing instantly and carry on functioning.

As mentioned at the start this is a great feature. As you set this up once and all users assigned to the group automatically match this last. This saves time when setting up new users.

Additional Details: Azure AD

If you want to find more details please visit the attached tech net article from Microsoft for more details.

Also, if you want to find more details out on how AAD Connect please check out my other blog posts. Furthermore being from a consultant in this area. Shortly, I am hoping to have numerous blog posts on the AAD Connect subject and Transformation rules.

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