Remove Domain From M365

No longer want to renew an unneeded domain or require to migrate one as part of a project then the following blog post Remove Domain From M365 should help you. Recently I have had to remove several domains over the past few weeks due to several acquisition contracts I have been running. Many IT personnel asked how to accomplish this task. Most of the have added a domain in to M365 / O365 but few have removed one. With this in mind I believed this would be a good topic for a blog post.

Remove Domain From M365

How To: Remove Domain From M365

Firstly, Browse to Office.com. Secondly select Show all then browse to Setup. Lastly select Domains option, and choose the domain you want to remove as applicable.

Remove Domain from M365 / O365

Now you are in the domain screen browse through each option checking if any users, Teams & Groups or Apps are linked to this domain. On the following screen you have a few options available. You can attempt Remove the domain and let Microsoft append to the default domain or the on,microsoft.com domain left in the tenant. However, if anything is directory synced this will fail as it will require to be removed prior to this operation. Secondly if the accounts are cloud only accounts you can amend these manually. To achieve this click in the option applicable and click on “Change Domain” button. Lastly select the domain you want to amend to. This is the same task for Groups and Apps etc.

Remove Domain From M365
Change Domain M365 / O365

To Fully remove the domain click Remove Domain and complete the default domain if you want to go down the automated removal route.

Set Default domain before removing this domain M365 / O365

The page below will be dispalyed and click the “Automatically Remove” option at the bottom to continue if you are happy with the below.

Dependencies Automated Removal
Removing Domain From M365

Once the screen above disappears back on the domains screen you will see the domain Removal is in Progress. However, if you click refresh a few seconds later this usually removes very quickly. It can take up to 24 hours to remove a domain. However, I have rarely seen it take more than 60 seconds on the numerous attempts that I have completed this task over the last twelve months.

Domain Removal In Progress

Additional Details: AAD Connect

If you want to find more details please visit the attached tech net article from Microsoft for more details.

Also, if you want to find more details out on how AAD Connect please check out my other blog posts. Furthermore being from a consultant in this area. Shortly, I am hoping to have numerous blog posts on the AAD Connect subject and Transformation rules.

Finally please feel free to drop a comment below or share this blog post if it has helped you.

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