Hello! Let me introduce myself and TheTechEvolution.com

Hi I’m Daniel the founder of TheTechEvolution.com and one of the main blog writers for the site.

Where It All Began

It all began some short 15 years ago! After entering IT as a backup career when leaving school. My career as an IT Professional began that day. After, initial struggling for the first several months in IT and wondering if I had made the correct decision in my chosen career path. However, one day I was determined to actually try and solve an issue on a quiet day in opposed to escalating this to one of my senior colleagues who already had numerous problems linked to the same issue. After been able to fix this issue what other senior members of the team was struggling with filled me with a belief to not give up and carry on during my chosen carrier path. Fast forward 15 years and numerous job roles I’m glad that my determination never faulted, when ever tasked with difficult tasks I think back to myself 15 years junior and reflect back on this moment.

The Present & Future

Over the past 15 years I have worked for large MSPs & global international companies with tens of thousands of users. During this time I have had the enjoyment of completed numerous M365 tenant to tenant migrations and datacenter migrations due to a mixture of mergers, acquisitions and divestment carveouts. After working with numerous IT processionals I have realised the one need we all have in common, access to Google to solve complex issues or help plan that next project handed to ourselves by senior management. This is the reason I launched TheTechEvolution.com to create blog articles for all abilities epically the more complex areas for bespoke requirements for enterprise business as well as helping people along the way with their current tasks. The hope from my perspective is to create a go to source to access a wealth of information and knowledge. As well as the hope to one day to meet or have a work colleges who I have managed to help via one of my articles to accomplish their current task. If you managed to make it to the end then thanks for reading.

Daniel Founder of theTechEvolution.com

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